Cenas de um casamento / A perfect wedding scenery

Tec Petaja 4

Preparação de um casamento:
- Local: idílico e inesperado para um casamento inesquecível;
- Noiva e noivo: lindos de morrer;
- Fotógrafo: Tec Petaja;
- Resultado: album de casamento digno de uma exposição fotográfica.

Tec Petaja 6

Tec Petaja 3

Wedding checklist:
- Venue: romantic and suprising for an unforgettable wedding;
- Bride and Groom: gorgeous to die for;
- Photographer: Tec Petaja:
- The final result: a wedding album worth to be in a photo gallery.

Tec Petaja 2

Tec Petaja 5

Images via Tec Petaja.

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  1. Beautiful wedding photos! I stumbled into your blog through decor8. It's quite impressive that you keep the blog in two languages! I am Japanese and writing my blog in English, but I feel that I should write in Japanese as well. Only if I could find the time to blog more...

  2. Hi Kaho!
    Thanks for your visit. It's really dificult to have time to blog.. but it's also worth having visitors from distant countries like you! Regarding writing in 2 languages, I think that you should always write in your native language but inlcude english if possible. It's a great way of people knowing what's going on and I hate gong into beautiful blogs that I don't understand what people say.
    I hope you come back!

  3. prima ana,
    é favor de ver um filme chamado "Rachel Getting Married"

    é demais!


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