Prato do Dia VII / Dish of the Day VII

As Wellies da Joules, com um grande laçarote. Há em azul, verde mas são as vermelhas que me têm feito perder noites de sono!

Joules' Wellies

Joules' Wellies, with a big bow. They have it in blue, green but it's the red ones that have caught my eye!

Image via Joules

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  1. Muito lindas mesmo!
    O vermelho tambem me faz perder a cabeça, principalmente se tiver bolinhas ou quadrados ou riscas em branco, estou uma pirosa! :))


  2. São giras mas não fazem o meu estilo.

  3. LOVE! So pretty!

    (I currenly use green gardening ones when it rains: they're really cute and confortable and "grunge" enough but these are super!!!)

    Ana, is such a pleasure to see you again in class! So fun we took it AGAIN! :)


  4. Ciao Suze!!
    I just found out today that you're also on BYW! Isn'tthat great? I just hope there a lot of new things there and also it'll be so much fun to have old colleagues in!
    Thanks for passing by!

  5. Respostas
    1. Hi Laquita, thanks fr your visit.
      These wellies belong to an old collection by Joules and I think you won't be able to find them. It's a pitty because I still crave for them too! Have a nice weekend!


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